Volkswagen Amarok Auxiliary Water Pump

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Volkswagen Amarok Auxiliary Water Pump


Auxiliary Water Pumps are fitted to many modern vehicles. They are used where heating or cooling functions need to be performed independently of the cooling circuit. The primary function of most units is to circulate coolant into EGR coolers and valves, and also larger heater cores fitted to provide better passenger comfort. If one of these units fail, it will usually activate a DTC light, vehicle can go into limp-home mode or in more severe cases can cause engine damage.

The featured Goss auxiliary water pump is part number AP100.

This OE quality replacement pump is suitable for Volkswagen Amarok vehicles fitted with 4cyl diesel engines from 2012 onwards. This pump is mounted at the front of the engine and plumbed into the EGR valve and cooler. When this unit fails, it usually logs a DTC P261 A – “coolant pump B circuit - open” / “V51 Continued coolant circulation pump” and vehicle lacks power.

In this case they usually draw excessive current, pump appears to be noisy and can also blow the related circuit fuse.  If you have diagnosed the issue and the auxiliary water pump is at fault, be sure to visit for vehicle application listings.

Also available for the featured vehicle:

  • Goss EGR cooler
  • Goss EGT sensors
  • Goss fuel rail pressure sensors
  • And many more vehicle management components

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Volkswagen Amarok Auxiliary Water Pump
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