NEW VE Commodore - Throttle Body

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NEW VE Commodore - Throttle Body


Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) technology, electronically connects the Accelerator Pedal to the Throttle Body, replacing a mechanical linkage. A typical ETC system consists of three major components:

  1. An Accelerator pedal module (with two or more independent sensors).
  2. An Electronic Throttle Body that can be opened and closed by an electric motor.
  3. An Engine Control Module (PCM or ECM). The ECM is a type of electronic control unit that employs software to determine the required throttle position by calculations from data measured by other sensors, including the accelerator pedal position sensors, engine speed sensor, vehicle speed sensor, and cruise control switches. The electric motor is then used to open the throttle valve to the desired angle via a closed-loop control algorithm within the ECM.

The Electronic Throttle Body assembly basically maintains the correct volume of air flow into the engine. Original units frequently require replacing due to electronic sensor failure, excessive wear and tear, physical damage and can also be seasonal (colder months).
Goss has spent many hours of R&D to determine the causes of failure and produce a quality aftermarket alternative replacement product.

Common faults:

  • Engine misfiring
  • Throttle “chatters” but no fault codes logged
  • “ESP off” light activated and warning appearing in dash cluster
  • Fault code: P0101 – “Air mass meter range/performance fault”
  • Fault code: P2176 – “Throttle control lower position not learned”

Since this part is essential to the operation of your vehicle's engine, quality tests on this part include on-vehicle and bench testing to ensure this part conforms to product standards for durability and a longer service life.
Benefits include:

  • Upgraded replacement - this electronic throttle body features enhanced internal components to prevent future failures
  • 100% new not remanufactured, for reliability and the added convenience of no core charge
  • Fitment gaskets included

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NEW VE Commodore - Throttle Body
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