Holden V8 Ignition module

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Holden V8 Ignition module


Rather than merely supplying new parts, Goss delve a little deeper and look for lasting solutions to the fault or faults in question.

A case in point is the Ignition module that fits various Holden 5 litre V8 series Commodore’s ranging from VN to VT and retrofitted vehicles; our technicians know these units fail for many common reasons, which may require
attention before fitting this unit. Therefore we have created a kit so the customer can purchase 1 part number but conveniently solve these common issues with the vehicle at once.

Goss recommends these issues be rectified as the cause may lead to repeat failure of ignition modules and other electrical components. Failure to remedy these problems can also void your warranty.

  1. A common cause of failure is a faulty ignition coil. To avoid any future issues, fit the supplied replacement GOSS ignition coil that comes in the IM068 kit, regardless of the condition of the existing coil.
  2. It is important to inspect all the related wiring for any signs of damage and ensure the insulation is in good order, not brittle/cracked and replace where necessary.
  3. Always ensure the ignition module has a good earth point to the vehicle body. If fitted to a VT series an additional earth wire is recommended to be run from the module body to the vehicle’s chassis. This is due to the mounting point being relocated to the plastic air filter box and not the vehicle body. This will alleviate any issues with the vehicle’s ground system.4. Another common issues relates to the electrical interference caused by a faulty or poor-quality Distributor.
  4. This can lead to the engine misfiring or logging a #49 diagnostic fault code. This kit does not include a distributor but a replacement can be purchased from IM Group


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Holden V8 Ignition module
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