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Goss - Vacuum Solenoid Valves


For over 75 years, Goss has been a highly respected supplier of quality aftermarket parts and products to the automotive industry.

Whether it is air temperature sensors, hoses, pumps, oil pressure switches, throttle bodies or vacuum solenoid valves, the impressive range of quality mechatronic parts and services offered by Goss is second to none.

Focusing on one of its most popular products, Vacuum Solenoid Vales (VSV) are recognised by many names and variations including: turbo controllers, boost controllers, boost pressure valves, purge solenoids, emission check valves and 4WD hub-locking solenoid valves.

An integral part in most vehicles, solenoid valves are electromechanically operated and, using a solenoid coil, open and close a valve. Vehicles are often fitted with multiple VSVs to assist with controlling emission and exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR) systems and variable geometry turbochargers, as well as engaging and disengaging systems on four-wheel drives.

So important are VSVs to the efficient running of your car, when a valve malfunctions or fails it can result in a loss of power for your car, produce turbo lag (on turbocharged vehicles), generate black smoke, cause a hesitation during the running of the car, put the car into limp mode and deactivate 4WD capabilities.

Knowing this, what are some of the circumstances in which a VSV fails? The most frequent cause is water or dirt ingress. This could happen thanks to a leaky hose joint or broken hose connections. High temperatures are also attributed to malfunctions, as too are defective vacuum pumps.

The advantages of using Goss’ Vacuum Solenoid Valves are plenty. Not only does Goss offer the largest range in the aftermarket, but its products are sourced from respected original equipment suppliers and tested for form, function and longevity at IM Group’s dedicated testing facility.

Australian owned and operated IM Group - which owns the Goss brand - has the technical capabilities to thoroughly tech check its products. They can perform manually operated low pressure vacuum pump tests, smoke test vacuum systems and use a Vac Tester and multi-meter to ensure the VSV’s functioning to correct specifications – to name a few of its testing expertise.

The most significant advantage of using Goss products, apart from their superior quality, is the warranty. All Goss parts come with a 12-month warranty, giving you absolute peace of mind if they eed to be replaced.

For more information on its products, for help diagnosing issues, or for answers to all your technical questions, the free-of-charge Goss customer support team can be reached on 03 8792 999 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

You can also find product details, catalogues and a wide range of technical documents, news and other important information by visiting the Goss website: www.goss.com.au

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Goss - Vacuum Solenoid Valves
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