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Goss – The Genuine Alternative


Us humans are an interesting bunch, when it comes to product selection we do our research to determine what we should and shouldn’t consider. You don’t just buy it without due diligence.

However, we are inconsistent. While we will spend weeks investigating one product over another - comparing features and warranties - for peace of mind, we’ll happily pick the no name pasta over the brand name with zero consideration, or happily tick the generic box when ordering our medication to save a couple of dollars.

What’s interesting here is that we put these into our body! We trust that the medication is approved, tested and safe. The no name pasta, well it’s just pasta how can anyone screw that up? We don’t know why we don’t question this, we just... don’t.

The auto parts industry is a fascinating one when it comes to brand or unknown brand consideration. If a product is not aligned to a car brand or have a well-known name, we really question whether we should be even looking at it.

Here’s the goss, an OES (Original Equipment Supplier) part is as good and sometimes better than an OE (Original Equipment) or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part. These are parts that are identical, are used for the same purposes, have the same or superior quality and are backed by the same warranty.

For instance, Goss - which has been a highly respected supplier of quality aftermarket parts and products to the automotive industry for over 75 years - is a true genuine alternative to OE and OEM parts in Australia.

Whether it’s cam and crank sensors, EGR coolers, power steering switches, throttle bodies or a variable valve timing solenoid, Goss is not only the country’s leading mechatronics parts suppliers but its products meet and, in many cases, exceed OE alternatives – they are also considerably more cost effective.

How do we know? All Goss products are tested for quality and longevity at its high-tech testing lab and all parts are backed by warranty.

What does all this mean? In a nutshell, Goss parts and products are as good, if not better than OE or OEM alternatives, they are thoroughly tested, stand the test of time and cost you less. It really is your genuine alternative, what more could you want of a product?

This is the opportunity for the ‘wait there’s more’ line. You probably want to know more about Goss, our products and want a bit of post-purchase support. So our customer service hotline is waiting for you. Just call 03 8792 999 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday and we’ll answer all your questions. We can even help with diagnosing issues, all via our free technical help line.

Or you can visit our website at www.goss.com.au where you’ll find product detail, catalogues and a wide range of technical documents, news and other important information.

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Goss – The Genuine Alternative
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